Through a bespoke model, the range of services we offer to families is truly customized and may include:

Estate & Wealth Transfer Planning

  • Liaise with estate planning counsel

  • Review and analyze estate documents

  • Identify personal goals to ensure plan achieves desired result

  • Assist with fiduciary selection

  • Administer wealth transfer plans (i.e.: management of family entities, intra-family loans, and trust/partnership distributions)

  • Review life insurance coverage and ownership

Integrated Accounting & Cash Flow Management

  • Maintain complete ledgers for family entities

  • Customized financial reporting including net worth, income statements, budgets, & spending reports

  • Trust/Fiduciary accounting and distribution calculations

  • Accurate, reliable bill pay to ensure only legitimate payments are made.

  • Reconcile all bank, brokerage & private investment statements

  • Cash flow modeling & management


Employment/Human Resources Administration

  • Manage payroll, 401k, FSA, HSA, and other benefit plans

  • Assistance with staffing, employment negotiation, NDA's and separation agreements

  • Moderation of employee disputes with each other and family members

  • Provide supervisory role of family employees

  • Facilitate annual reviews and compensation adjustments for employees

Income & Gift Tax Advisory

  • Coordinate with advisors for proper planning & efficient tax compliance

  • Organize documents needed for tax preparation

  • Monitor gifts to ensure necessary filings are made

  • Calculation of future tax liabilities and quarterly payments

  • Tax synchronization with investment portfolios

  • Design strategies for income tax minimization


Family Governance

  • Facilitate development of mission & values statements

  • Establish governance and succession planning for closely held businesses

  • Identify and prepare for family wealth challenges

  • Schedule & coordinate family meetings, agendas and presentation materials

  • Customized, one on one education with family members to share appropriate details of estate plan

Asset Protection & Oversight

  • Evaluate exposure to accidental loss and liability

  • Analyze and monitor existing property, casualty and health insurance programs

  • Educate client on prenuptial, post-nuptial, and other protective agreements

  • Maintain asset title and lease records

  • Aircraft and watercraft management and cost optimization

  • Liaise with attorneys in the event of asset acquisition or sale


Philanthropic Consulting

  • Private Foundation administration

  • Review major gift or pledge agreements to ensure they satisfy your goals

  • Maximize tax benefits of charitable giving by assessing timing and nature of donations

  • Structuring of unique gifts

  • Defining personal mission or giving statements

  • Balancing multi-generational objectives


Innovest Family Office does not provide investment advice and is not a registered investment advisor.